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Product Chinese name:Welding Camera Shield


Product Series: SHIELD X100系列 

Product number: SHIELD X100 MAX21





焊接高亮高辐射区与人眼脸部之间,由SHIELD X100多层金属和非金属屏蔽保护盾层隔开,经紫外线辐射仪器对比检测,比液晶变光电焊面罩提高100倍以上的紫外辐射防护能力,同时强光、红外、紫外、X射线等有害射线防护能力也至少提高100倍以上.








显示区域191x 119mm







Quick change of low-cost lens protecting lens


我们只有一双眼睛,躲藏在SHIELD X100后面观察LCD显示屏图像进行焊接操作,百倍保护焊接工作人员的眼睛和面部,适用于多种不同焊接应用,包括常用手工电焊(MMA)、熔化极气体保护焊(CO2/MIG/MAG/)以及非熔化极气体保护焊(TIG氩弧焊),放大增强的高清图像大大提高了效率和焊接质量.

Description of product functions

Suitable for all kinds of welding protection eyes and face

Product model\Functions SHIELD X100 STD21 SHIELD X100 PRO21 SHIELD X100 MAX21
Protection against harmful light wave radiation x 100 times Available Available Available
Automatic welding arc tracking and switching Available Available Available
HD welding pool image Available Available Available
Real-time ultra-low latency image Available Available Available
SONY IMX HD image sensor Available Available Available
1200p 8.9 in LCD large screen Available Available Available
LED supplement lighting Available Available Available
Continuously adjustable shielding number Available Available Available
Quick change of low-cost lens protecting lens Available Available Available
Power supply by chargers or mobile power supplies of mobile phones Available Available Available
Rotary encoder adjustable with left or right hand Available Available Available
One 1/4" screw hole in the top and one in the bottom Available Available Available
Replaceable outer composite armor for radiation isolation Available Available Available
HDMI image output Available Available
1x-4x optical zoom, allowing 1x-4x magnification of images Available Available
Real-time digital image region enhancement Available
Retail price(Mainland, RMB) ¥6850 ¥8250 ¥9880
Retail price(North America, US dollars) $798 $998 $1198
Style:SHIELD ×100 STD21


1.The GOTOTAC welding camera displays the work area on the color LCD screen through the camera, and the welder observes the welding area by holding the fully isolated TFT LCD screen. For welding workers’ eyes and faces, it provides 100 times higher radiation protection than traditional welding masks.

2.The LCD screen automatically switches to display the unwelded image or the high-definition molten pool image during welding, to prevent the direct vision damage caused by the wrong switching of the liquid crystal light mask.

3.The LCD screen magnifies the image of the welding target area by 1-4 times. High-resolution, high-frame rate images improve welding efficiency and welding quality, real-time image enhancement technology increases the visible range, and enhances the contrast of the molten pool area.

4.Ultra-low-latency images make the welding interaction without lag. It can greatly improve the welding quality and welding efficiency, and at the same time, it can complete the welding work more effectively and accurately, and reduce the failed welding workpieces and rework.

5.The equipment is powered by a mobile power supply, equipped with LED fill light, and realizes a compatible display from low-current welding to high-current welding through brightness adjustment. It is suitable for manual electric welding (MMA), MIG welding (CO2/MIG/MAG/) and non MIG welding (TIG argon arc welding). Composite radiation protection armor that is easy to replace.

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