About Us

The company, founded in 1999, covers an area of 8,666 square meters and has top talents in microelectronics, IC design, PCB design, computer software, mobile phone software, mechanical, optical, interactive VR, complete machines and large systems. Many of our talents have over 30 years of experience in product development, and specialize in the development and production of reliable and advanced products related to ultra-high definition and ultra-high speed image processing. The products, from initial LED screens, rear-projection splicing screens, LCD splicing screens, large fusion screens to camera welding shields, have industry-leading level, completely independent intellectual property rights and TiF brand, and the company holds the core invention patents of the next generation of laser scanning type projectors.

GOTOTAC, a professional manufacturer of splicing equipment, supplies TiF2000, TiF3000, TiF4000, TiF4100, TiF5100, TiF6100 and TiF3D stereo series pure hardware splicing processors at factory prices which are widely used in large splicing screens of various technologies. The company also produces a full range of splicing equipment including CRT rear projection splicing, DLP rear projection splicing, optical fusion zero-seam splicing and flat-panel LCD large splicing screens, provides equipment wholesale sales of and engineering cooperation in mid-market and upmarket large splicing screen TV walls, undertakes customization and development of supporting non-standard software and hardware of large screens, and provides ODM and OEM cooperation. We provide reasonable prices and have a complete after-sales system. Welcome to our company to see samples, have exchanges and build cooperation with us!

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